Vedha Dharshan

Vedha Dharshan

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bharatha DhesaYaatra(Srivilliputhur - 3) - part 300

Bharatha DhesaYaatra

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Srivilliputhur - 3

At Vatapathrashayee temple

Temple prakaaram, the sculptures, and architectural beauty.

Way to Vatapatrasayee’s sannidhi…
Pillars have stone engravings…
Vatapatrasayee’s sannidhi is above where He is lying down as Aalilai kaNNan 
Narasimmar sannidhi downstairs.. Narasimmar is in green color here…
Beautiful sculptures includes Bhakasura vadham
Narasimmar’s sculpture above with His painting below…
Long live our temples…
Sculptures of Aandaal adorning the garland and PerumaaL exchanging the garland and ulagaLAndha perumaaL…
Vimaanam is called Vimalaakruthi vimaanam…

Guruji Gopalavallidasar
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