Vedha Dharshan

Vedha Dharshan

Monday, September 5, 2016

Bharatha Dhesa Yatra - Series 2(Raval Gareel trees) - Part 306


Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Bharatha Dhesa Yatra - Series 2

Raval Gareel trees 
The trees that grow on the roof of the temple. 
The trees without roots.
The trees that are Radha & Krishna themselves.

View at the top of temple… There are two trees here called Gareel trees. A bhakthar named Raskhan does penance under the this tree praying to Radhika rani to reveal her birth place.. Radhika rani said “I was born under this very tree you did penance” and asks Raskhan to cut that tree and take the beautiful Radha Krishna murthy buried underneath the tree. That Radha Krishna murthy is established andworshipped in this temple. After establishing the deities, two gareel trees reappeared without any roots. One tree is believed to be Krishna and other to be Radhe! The trees have thorns and produce small red flowers.

RadheKrishna! Radhe! Radhe! Radhe! Radhe!
Guruji Gopalavallidasar
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